YouTube Give Creators 3 Ways to Get Money Apart from Ads

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Creators of YouTube content or often called YouTuber now no longer have to rely on advertising to gain revenue. YouTube opens new monetization opportunities through paid membership methods to merchandise sales.

According to Neal Mohan, Director of YouTube Products, this way of monetization is made so that content creators can be more at ease and continue to be creative on YouTube. He also said that this innovation is made to give users more options to earn money. “Content creator numbers are up 40 percent from the previous year, most of which come from our advertising partners, we will continue to invest here, but we also want to think outside advertising,” Neal said in his official blog. there are at least three new ways for YouTube content creators to mine money.

First with paid membership. This way YouTuber can offer viewers access to exclusive content by way of a monthly subscription.

Exclusive content that can be video, emoji, badge or other extra facilities in accordance with the wishes of the channel owner. Creator content that wants to use this feature must have at least 100 thousand subscribers. Rates charged to users who want to get exclusive content and this extra facility is about 4.99 US dollars or about Rp 70 thousand per month.

YouTube also takes a 30 percent membership fee cut from each user. This program is already available for multiple channels through the “sponsor” button during the test phase.

The second way is to direct merchandise sales from their YouTube channel. This feature launches Google for creators to create objects such as T-shirts, mugs, stickers, or dolls that characterize the creator. YouTube also insists it will not take any profit from the merchandise sales service, so all profits from the sale will be directly received by the channel owner.

This feature will make it easier for fans to get original merchandise from the creator. In order to use this feature, the condition is that the channel has at least 10 thousand subscriber.

The third way is through the Premieres feature. This feature is similar to a live stream on YouTube where audiences can perform live chats. In this live chat column the audience can participate to donate creators via Super Chat. Super Chat itself is a new way for fans and creators to interact with each other during live streams. Fans can buy Super Chat to mark their messages during live chat stream.

Requirements to Make Money from YouTube Weight With this alternative it is expected that the creator’s content will survive to be creative through YouTube. The reason is not long ago YouTube tighten the rules of channel monetization and it is considered difficult for creators in getting the money.

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) requires anyone who wants to join the program to have at least 1,000 subscribers on their channel and watch a total of 4,000 hours over the past year.