Your Love Stashing? End Your Relationship, It’s Expert Suggestion

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Stashing or concealing a partner from the social environment or the closest people is a “less healthy” behavior. Actually it has been found for a long time and has taken many victims.

Whatever the reason, the hide-out behavior of the couple is clearly painful. When you feel you’ve been in a relationship long enough but the he still hides your relationship, then you should ask, what makes it hide you?

Offer a solution if you feel you are “not fit” to be introduced to the people closest to you. But if he gives unclear reasons such as saying this relationship is just for you two alone, do not need to know anyone else, then you should end the relationship.

“If you exclusively dated someone long enough but he never invited you to important events, never uploaded together in social media, did not even introduce you to his friends, there is the possibility that he was ashamed of your whereabouts. Should end the relationship. It will be no good in the future for you and him, if you continue this relationship, “said the owner of Hunting Maven’s matchmaking service in New York City, Julia Bekker.

According to Julia, it is not good to be with someone who is ashamed of your presence. “It’s not your job to be a therapist for your spouse. This [Stashing] is an unhealthy situation, especially if you insist on staying in the relationship, “said Julia.