World Emoji Day, Apple Has a New Emoji

Picture : Apple

Ahead of the day emoji world, Apple announced yesterday will bring 70 new emoji. This new emoji will be released in conjunction with the iOS 12 update later this year.

The emoji is accessible for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac devices. These new emoji are based on characters approved by Unicode 11.0.

This new emoji has more hair color for people who have red, gray, and curly hair color. Later, there are also emoji for hairless people.

In addition, there are several new smiley emoji expressions provided such as cold face, partying, pity, and happy face variation.

The types of animals included in this emoji also increase. There are kangaroos, peacocks, cockatoos, and lobste. As for the food there will be additional emoji mango, lettuce, cupcake, moon cake, and some other popular food.

“Sports, symbols and other categories will also be added, such as emoji superhero, softbal, and unlimited symbols (infinity),” Apple mentioned in the blog.

According to Alan Dye, Apple’s VP of User Interface Design, when designing emoji characters Apple wants to make sure emoji is iconic and its value is endless, MacRumors says.