Why you should sleep with your socks on?

Why you should sleep with your socks on?.Difficulty sleeping can be a big problem for some people. Various ways from counting sheep, reading books, to drinking warm milk may still not be effective to make you sleep soundly.

If you still have a problem like that, try to wear socks while sleeping.

Why you should sleep with your socks on?Some people might think that socks are only used for sleeping accessories, but for some others socks are believed to make sleeping more comfortable.

That assumption was justified by research conducted by researchers from Sleep Laboratory in Basel, Switzerland. They saw that there was a relationship between the temperature of the hands and feet, with the speed at which people fell asleep.

When the blood vessels in the legs and arms enlarge, or are called vasodilation, the heat will be distributed throughout the body. In the study showed that vasodilation to the toes and hands can help people fall asleep in a short time.

Legs and hands wrapped in warmers, slowly make the body heat up. Instantly the body began to enter into his sleep pause. As blood pressure drops, the brain receives messages from the body to get ready for sleep. Meanwhile the sleep hormone melatonin increases its production.

Meanwhile, in addition to socks, there are a number of tricks you can do to warm your feet when going to sleep. Here are the tricks suggested by the National Sleep Foundation:

1. Put a hot water bottle or pillow between your feet, before going to bed.
2. Use an extra blanket to wrap your legs warmer.
3. Buy a pair of Kashmir socks to sleep.
4. Do some warm-up before lying on the bed.

In addition, you can also take a warm bath before going to bed. And don’t forget to install lavender aromatherapy to help you calm down