Why Android is Fast Overheat

image : wirefly

This hot fast smartphone is a normal behavior, and something happens almost on every phone, both with android operating system, iphone or windows. The cause of this heat comes from the hp battery you use. which usually heats up when you do a continuous activity on HP that uses the power of mobile phones used faster than usual. such as when you do a phone call, use GPS, watch videos and other activities.

Solve the problem and solve the problem.

1. Overuse
The cause of rapid android hot is with the use of smartphones and tablets android in excess. Because when you run a game or application with excessive or in a long period of time, this will drain your battery power. In addition to the hardware components android will always work without a pause of several hours, therefore the android will easily heat.

2. Active Application in Background
This is a mistake that is often experienced by smartphone users or tablet android, by letting the application run in the background is a bad thing. When the application is still running on the screen and the active application is also a lot of it will greatly drain the battery, with the amount of battery power that is used of course will easily heat your android.

3. Signal is unstable
The second factor that causes the signal or signal is not stable, when the smartphone to find a good signal that WiFi signal or other it will cause heat. If you are Ordinary that is often experienced in a difficult way to get a signal, but the user is forced to look for signals so that it can cause android easily hot.

4. Battery damage
Then other factors that cause the batteries that have been enlarged then you should quickly replace battery power and will also be easy to heat.

5. Use in hot spaces
Actually to avoid the content of the gadget should pay attention to the surrounding environment. You should use smartphones and tablets to avoid the hot sun and hot temperatures, this is an external factor that will make your phone and tablet very hot.