Trends in orgasm peegasm damage the urinary tract

Trends in orgasm peegasm damage the urinary tract

Emerging new trends related to female orgasm that supposedly can be got even without having to have sex! The trick is simple, they just have to hold pee for some time to then get a sensation like an orgasm. That’s why this trend is named peegasm.

However, medical practitioners, especially doctors, warn of the dangers of this orgasm trend. The reason, this trend can trigger a painful urinary tract infection.

This orgasm trend also emerged from an article on the Reddit site. One of the users of the social media account said his partner experienced the sensation of orgasm after urinating. And, the method was deemed successful.

“My partner recently said, if she held her pee for a while and then pee, she often felt a sensation of orgasm that spread to the spine to the head,” the man wrote.

“If my partner does the reverse movement of kegel during pee, the orgasm is even more likely,” he continued.

The paper immediately received a response from the women. Some of the women claimed to be able to climax with the same technique.

“Yes, it feels like a sensation of massage throughout the body. Often I feel it when I wake up at night to pee,” wrote one woman.

While other women also commented, “I feel the same way, but it’s not really orgasm, it’s just a really pleasant feeling.”

Although some women claimed to feel good, some of them denied it. They claim it is not a pleasure, but a feeling of pain.

Therefore, this trend is not recommended to be tried at home by experts. Because holding back the urine can damage the urinary tract. So, if you feel the urge to urinate, so hurry, do not be arrested again.