Tips & Tricks Playing Games Battle Royale and PUBG

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1. Use weapons that you like or that are inherited.

one of the things you need to know in this CSGO play is to choose your favorite main weapon that is like rifle, shotgun, sniper etc. if you are good at using light weapons you can use SMG as your weapon.

2. Good teamwork is required.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is that when you play you can not play alone, remember this game desperately needs a very compact teamwork to win in a match, use a team chat to let you know that you have seen the enemy or where the bomb is more and if you have a “mic” it makes it easier for you to be in the confiscation of your team mates. Without teamwork victory is just a dream.

3. Listen / see in the approaching Step Opponent folder.

This third tip you have to put your ears properly because you have to listen to step or footsteps of the enemy because if you are in a condition of urgency or in a state of being amassing these tips is helpful, try not to tense in situations like this so you can focus to hear the enemy step and tell your friends if your enemy / opponent approaches.

4. Do not Reload Frequency

Most Players often do realods although their bullets are numerous, as usually the hiding enemies will stare and suddenly approach you to shoot and make silly deaths.
if you want to reload the bullet locate the place of happiness that you think or lie down on the grass let me not the enemy that use the scope x8 or ask for help for the team cover for a moment.

5. Use Grenade, stun grenade or smoke bomb as best as possible.

Use your bomb as best you can, be it grenade, stun grenade or smoke bomb, which you guys down. Because usually at a crucial time or cornered bomb that you bring can help you or make you win the match.
my experience at the time of main pubg 1 versus 3 who at that time playing team and I live alone who still live in my team zone has been shrunk, at that time opponents create smoke to cover their existence, but unfortunately they must die simultaneously because I throw bomb grenade towards the smoke bomb and finally even chicken dinner