Tips To Avoid Credit Card Trapped


Christmas holiday and the new year is over, credit card bills will arrive soon. How to pay bills and not get a credit card?

In order not to be wrapped up credit card, the holder should already have the calculation of payments next month.

Before use, must have set up payment post next month. Set aside income to pay for the usage already done.

never use the cash withdrawal facility to pay bills. This will definitely incriminate the cardholder.

Due to the withdrawal of cash, interest or administrative fees charged will be more expensive. Do not to dig a hole cover hole, it will not finish.

Steve explained, in order not to get a bill that swell the credit card owner must be wise in using the debt card.

Although the credit card limit is large, do not make it as cash. Stay as a credit card we use and next month there is an obligation to pay it.

Then the card owner is also advised not to lend credit cards to friends or relatives. This is to minimize card misuse. In addition, the holder is also asked not to provide PIN number and CVV number to others.

Do not ever borrow cards to other people, even if it’s family or close friends, because the credit card is personal.