Tips on Sex in the First Night

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Having sex on the first night is one of the most awaited by a newly married couple. Not a few of these activities create awkwardness between the two, as each one does not know much about actual sex activity.

Your feelings and your partner are usually mixed up. You and your spouse will want this first night to be an amazing experience that you will never forget. Well, quoted from several sources, there are some tips for you and your partner when facing the first night. So, this experience does not end up being a nightmare. Look carefully.

Do not forget about foreplay

For those of you who do not know what is foreplay, this is a kind of warm-up activity before sexual penetration takes place. The purpose of foreplay is to stimulate the passion of the couple. The benefits of foreplay are very good, because if done well and correctly will trigger the woman to create more lubrication liquid. So, the pain during penetration into the vagina will be reduced.

Doing foreplay with a long time is very permissible for you the first time to have sex. Because this will increase the warmth between the two of you. So do not be in a hurry.

communication is important

Communication is very important before the first night, because you and your new partner first had sex. More intense open communication between you and your partner aims to create a comfortable atmosphere and not rigid, so that sex activity takes place more romantic.

Do not be disappointed if it does not last long

Do not really expect you and your partner to have terrible sex on the first night for the first time. This is normal, because you both have no experience in regulating rhythm and controlling emotions during sex. Usually, men will ejaculate faster before penetration. And for women, it will usually be passive when doing it first. This is natural, can be because accustomed.

Perform common sex positions

When making love for the first time, it is expected to relax, do it slowly, and not in a hurry. Perform general sex position or style, such as missionary, doggy style, or other. Do not be too experimenting with sex positions, this is to avoid unsatisfactory results due to not knowing how to do it.