Tips on Choosing Sofa Not to Regret for Incorrect Buy

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Choosing furniture does need to be done with a lot of consideration. In addition to design, you also should pay attention to the size, color, and of course price. In order not to regret later, also adjust the furniture of your home with the needs. You who intend to seek or replace furniture, should listen to his advice from the architect and interior designer Alvin Heryawan follows.

The first thing to consider when buying furniture is the scale and proportion. This means you must make sure if the furniture is estimated to fit in the room. Moreover, many Indonesians who look more form and put aside the size when looking for home furnishings.
Then think about the budgeting. Especially for you who intend to buy some furniture at once. Try to find furniture that are both good quality and budget pas.

“Do budgeting first for the whole, do not buy expensive sofas but the beds are really bad.”
Speaking of the sofa, the election is sometimes not easy either. The furniture should look attractive, fit in the room, according to the home interior theme, durable all at once and you focus on materials and sizes when looking for a sofa.

“In terms of maintenance, leather is easier (cared for), but in terms of comfort, the fabric is better, in addition, it must determine what style it is modern, classic or minimalist before hunting furniture.”