This is Toyota Supra 2018

Photo : JPNN

There have been too many leaks, photos and other speculations about the Toyota Supra 2018, but somehow we are not bored. We are very interested in this car even since the news of his birth again. Although Toyota has been showing off the Toyota GR Supra racing version yesterday, we are still curious about a more realistic version of mass production to take back to the garage.

Since the triumph of Toyota at Le Mans 2018 after the Audi and Porsche exit, Toyota has become more fiery in preparing its sports car line, not to mention for Supra. Toyota does not want to restrain ourselves to make us more, as evidenced by Toyota Europe uploaded images of Toyota Supra with caption “#ToyotaSupra is back. A90. At Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2018 @ fosgoodwood “. Well, here’s the wait!

Details that we can catch together is that Toyota will bring the mass-produced Toyota Supra to the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​event on July 12, next week. Code “A90” is written could be a new Toyota Supra code, continue the legacy of the latest Toyota Supra JZA80 coded or commonly abbreviated “A80” only. Like the old Supra as well, Toyota Supra A90 uses 6-cylinder turbo engine and RWD.

Unfortunately, although the image is installed Toyota Europe is clearly a Toyota Supra production version, the car was still wrapped with red, white, black and gray camouflage sticker. There are two possibilities, between Toyota will launch Supra completely un-disguised or Toyota Supra will run at Goodwood in the form of prototype. If we may, we want him to slide as fast as possible without disguise.

As reported previously, Toyota Supra turbo engine will spew 335 hp and 500 Nm, 0-100 diklam 4.5 if the claim is true. Transmission is available only automatic transmission, but a more hot variant GRMN will be present later as Supra ranks. Come on July 12, we can not wait! What is your expectation? Convey in the comment field!