The Right Time For Sex By Age

Photo : Youtobe

Age turns out to determine how you choose the right time to make love. At least according to sex experts from Oxford University, Dr. Paul Kelley.

Here’s Paul’s advice on the time of sex according to the body’s circadian rhythms (24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living things), according to your age:

Age 20s
According to Dr. Kelley, in her 20s, libido can show up at any time. The desire to make love can come in the morning, afternoon, afternoon until evening. But Dr. Kelley said, when the age of 20 this, the greatest energy appears in the afternoon. So why not use that energy to make love when the time shows at 03.00 pm.

Age 30s
When the age reaches the 30’s, the best time to make love is after you wake up more during the weekend. Waking up at 8:00 am, the body at that time is also ready to get sex stimulation. According to Dr. Kelley, the morning sun increases the amount of testosterone in the body, because it stimulates the hypothalamus (part of the brain that regulates hormones). When this testosterone level rises, arousal increases.

Age 40s
Entering the age of 40s, some people struggle to fall asleep at night. Dr. Kelley saw sex could be a solution to overcome sleep difficulties. Making love at 22:20, can make the body relax because of the hormone oxytocin produced during lovemaking. When the body relaxes, sleepiness will be easy to come.

Age 50s
Best sex time in the 50s, not unlike when someone reaches the age of 40s. Make love at 22:00, according to Dr. Kelley is the most ideal time. After lovemaking, sleep will be more soundly. “Make sure the room is dark and not hot to get quality sleep,” said the expert, as quoted by Mail Online.

Age 60s
If at the age of 40s and 50s, the ideal sex time is after 22:00, different things happen when you are in your 60’s. The right moment for sex is at 20.00. Why is it more late than the age of 50’s? According to Dr. Kelley it corresponds to the circadian rhythm of the body. When the age is above 60, dinner time becomes more evening that is at 18.00.

Growing age makes the body take longer to digest. That’s why dinner faster before 19:00, should be done when the age is 60’s. After dinner, give the body time to digest by doing leisure activities like watching television. Two hours after eating, then you can make love with your partner