the impact of perceived risk on online buying behavior

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Online shopping can lead to significant dependency. Crisis, this dependence turned out to have a negative impact on financial health conditions. Be aware of some of the conditions below which may be a sign that you are experiencing the dependence of online shopping.

1. Have more than 3 credit cards active for shopping
Better be wary if you already use more than 3 credit cards for online shopping, without even knowing you have been spending more than monthly salary.

2. Spend more than 3 hours a day looking at online shopping features
The online shopping addiction starts from the habit. If you average spend more than 3 hours in full for browsing the online store, then be wary. Especially if this habit also disrupt the main work because it is done during working hours.

3. Every week there must be an online shopping package submissions
If you get a pack of consumer goods at least once a week to the address of home and office, then you may have dependence. Even in some cases, you have a variety of colors from the same model, just because you like it, not because you need it.

4. Start installments for consumptive online shopping
Watch out if 0% installment becomes the trigger for online shopping. Especially if the minimum credit card bills already make you difficult to pay. In fact, to pay the minimum, you are forced to sacrifice financial items for food and other necessities of life.

5. Over 30% is spent on online shopping payments
The loan installments should be directed to the purchase of productive assets and residential property. If 1/3 of the salary used for online shopping installment, then you should be vigilant. Especially if from the salary can not be set aside for savings, emergency funds and investment. Fulfill everyday needs to be mediocre, while you are still in debt.

If online shopping is an important priority in your life, then I recommend creating a special shopping post every month. Allocate 10% of salary into electronic wallet of online store that can be used for shopping.

As the amount of money thins out, it’s time you wait for the next month to shop again.

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