Skin Care Product Signs You Use No Match!

In recent months, skin care products are becoming ‘prima donna’. Not a few women are competing Try different types of skin care from various products. The reason, unsuitable skin care products can cause new problems on the skin. Nah want dong, his intention to have a smooth face eh even become more visible enggak terurus. Well, before this happens, choose which marks the skin care you use does not match your skin.

1. Presence of discomfort at this time
People say, “Beauty is pain”. However, never apply this to your skin. If you feel uncomfortable with the usual skin care products, for example, it feels tickled and gives a burning sensation, so stop using.

Skin care products can indeed contain ingredients that can cause mild irritation, such as benzoyl peroxide. But if the heat and redness that appear in a long time, this is one of the instructions that you must use the product.

If you still have no unsuitable product, you can test by diluting the product using a moisturizer. If this product is used and will be stamped, this product can not be used for your skin.

2. Includes blackheads and pimples
At the beginning of using skin care, there may be blackheads and pimples on your face. This is usually a sign that your skin is adaptable. But if you find it very much and automatically, this means a product that you may not fit your skin. For that, choose skin care products that contain non-comedogenic materials or have more water formula, so it can reduce the incidence of blackheads and acne.

3. The skin becomes more oily or drier
If the result you get after using skin care is drying and even ruptured, it means that you use too much ingredients like alcohol. This condition can also be caused by an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the skin care product you are using.

In fact, if your skin becomes oily after using skin care products, it also does not reflect the good condition. Very strong oil control products will always remove the skin’s natural oils at first. However, there will be time to produce these products will lead to more oil production.

4. Photosensitivity
The ingredients of materials such as AHA and benzoyl peroxide that are usually found in skin care, especially to reduce acne, can cause more direct sunlight. If you want the sensitivity of this reaction to be no longer tolerated, stop using the product. Or you can use the product only when in day.

5. Skin care products do not give any effect on your skin
To see the results of the use of skin care products are not only able to overnight or 2 nights only. However, it is also important to know the time limit, you can know that skin care products are suitable for your skin.

As an illustration, skin care products to remove stains on the face takes about 10 days, while products to reduce wrinkles and black stain removal takes about 1 month to show results.

In contrast to skin care products such as creams, serums, or face moisturizing mask. For this product, you can see the results as soon as possible to guarantee the suitability of the product with your skin. Then for a skin peel product such as a chemical exfoliator, give it about 1 or 2 weeks to see the results.

Taking care of the face using skin care is nothing wrong. However, make sure the skin care you are using is clear and matches your skin type. Do not let the mistake of using skin care to make your skin condition does not get better or worse.