Sex Position Style On Wedding Night Your Fist Time Sex

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There are several sex positions that are recommended for you and your first time having sex.

1. Missionaries

This is the basic sexual position or style of sex. The trick is easy, when the penetration of men are above women. That is all! Slightly philosophical, this style symbolizes a man’s dominance and is strongly advised to do, because it gives the impression that he is the head of the household in an official relationship to marriage.

2. Doggy style

This style is also quite easy to do. When on the bed, women do menungging position. The man stands up and rests on the knee, then penetrates from behind. This position will be more comfortable with one knee, because men will have a better range of motion and deeper penetration ability.

3. Woman on top

It’s time for women to take control! The woman has the opportunity to take over and show her partner how fast, slow, hard, or gentle sex movement is. This is very important information for men, let alone new to know their partner. Oh yes, for some women this position can get more enjoyment.

4. 69

This style is more often done as a warm-up or carried out in foreplay sessions. In addition to unique, of course this position will never escape from your memory both. Do it gently, do not rush, and feel the sensation gained from this style.

That was some tips on having sex on the first night. For you who will get married in the near future, it’s good to apply these tips. However, do not forget to communicate with the couple related to this. Good luck!