sending automated emails


sending automated emails. Sometimes you forget to send a happy birthday to friends, girlfriends or close relatives because the activities are very numerous and endless. If you replace it, you will be very lost because you forgot and did not congratulate. You don’t want that to happen? To overcome this problem, this time PG will discuss Boomerang. Boomerang is an extension to send emails automatically according to a predetermined schedule.

First download the boomerang extension first in the link below:

Then install and a window will appear as shown below:

sending automated emails
sending automated emails

After that, clicking on the Start button and then staying will later be installed on Chrome.

Then open Gmail, it will show the boomerang button next to the username. You can set an email delivery schedule if detailed “Manage scheduled massage” and “Help” options If you need help. “How to” is an option for how to use Boomerang.

The following features are shared by Boomerang:
Send Later is a key feature of Boomerang, by using this feature you can schedule emails according to the date you want. When you write a message, you will see the “Send Later” button, if you click the default time option will appear and you can also make the message available.

Boomerang This Massage (Send) is a feature used as sending an email and arranging to enter the inbox.

This Boomerang Massage (Received) by using this feature you will not forget the important email. Instead of archiving or organizing tasks on the calendar, now with Boomerang you can get archives safely and make arrangements to enter on a certain date.

Boomerang has a free and paid version. If you use the free version, it is only limited to sending 10 emails per month. While the paid version includes notes, a boomerang application for cellphones and a scale reply email

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