Select Open Face or Full Face Helmet ? This is the Consideration

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Helmet manufacturers currently offer a variety of helmets. There is an open face helmet, there is full face, until the helmet modular (which can be opened and closed into a full face helmet and open face). Which type is better and more secure?

People often mistaken in the mention of open face helmet, they often call it a half face helmet. In fact, open face helmet and half face different types. Open face helmet is a helmet that protects the whole head, but the open front. While half face helmet refers to the helmet protecting the top of the head or known helmet.

“Each has its advantages and disadvantages: Safety is clearly full face more secure because the helmet structure can protect the entire head,”

The polluter can choose the type of helmet according to the conditions. Open face helmet is more convenient for city ride, while full face for longer trip, for example to touring or going home.

“Full face helmet is safer, structurally more complete protect the head”