Secrets of Successful Investment


Want to be a billionaire? Very easy.Secrets of Successful Investment

It turns out that the requirement to be a billionaire is very easy.
1. Start Investing
2. Have money to invest
3. Good returns
4. Have enough time

Investment Secrets
This paper will not discuss how to quickly become a billionaire. But more about the essence of how to invest that gives the best results. Investments that are not only limited to financial matters but also other things.

When we discuss how to invest to produce the best results, there are 4 things contained in it like the illustration above.
1. Investment activity itself.
2. Elements or things invested
3. Yields and
4. Time period

We discuss one by one.
Investment = sacrifice.

When you hear the word investment, in general what comes to mind is how to invest money to get greater value in the future. This is not wrong. But it’s too narrow.

The meaning of investing is actually making sacrifices now to get greater results in the future. We sacrifice things that can actually be enjoyed at this time, but we decide to postpone enjoying them, in the hope that the enjoyment gained will be greater if done in the future. We choose to invest money rather than spend so that the value enjoyed is greater in the future. We routinely exercise rather than lazing hoping to stay healthy until old age. Children choose to learn rather than play, hoping to become a greater person in the future.

The point is the sacrifice of pleasure today for greater profits in the future. It’s not easy to make these sacrifices. Many refuse to do it because according to them the results to be obtained in the future are uncertain. The argument is true. But more definitely, there will never be results in the future without any sacrifice at this time. Correct seeds planted today do not necessarily produce fruit as desired. But surely there will never be fruit in the future, without seeds being planted today.

Invest the most valuable
Turn to the earliest illustration. We know the greater the value invested the greater the results. The next question is what is the most valuable, most expensive thing we can invest. The answer is not money. However, according to the law of economics, that the rarer the thing is and the greater the interest of the person over it, the more expensive the item will be. The answer is time.

The time was fixed, it could not be added or reduced in a second. Who doesn’t want to have more time, but unfortunately one day is only 24 hours. And what makes it most complicated, we never know how much time we have left. Therefore every time we have is very large value.

Because of its high value, time should not be wasted. In fact, time is very suitable for us to invest to get even higher results. How to? Find the part of the 24 hours that you have, whether it’s part of the time you normally watch TV, or the time to play, or the time that you normally use to chat, rummage, browse the internet or from a part of time. Find then sacrifice that time and invest. Where are you invested? In activities that provide the highest returns and multipliers. That is learning.

Learning is a process to get knowledge and knowledge. It is this science that provides large and multiple returns. As an example ; the science of navigation and shipping, made the Spaniards able to explore the world by ship, master gold in Latin America and become the ruler of the world. The science of steam engines can trigger the Industrial revolution and encourage Britain as the main force of the world economy. Science is the key to providing the greatest returns.

To get knowledge there are several ways of learning processes at different costs. The biggest cost is learning through the trial and error process. Through this process, in the end the knowledge can be obtained, but after going through various trials and errors that are time consuming and costly. While the learning process with less time and the lowest cost is through the education process, or through reading books or asking the teacher or the experts. The more knowledge gained through learning, the greater the yield or multiplier produced.

Investment Period
Now we know that getting results requires sacrifice. The best sacrifice is time, and the biggest returns come through learning. The last component that determines the amount of investment returns is the length of the investment period. The longer the time period, the greater the accumulated amount.

The illustration is like this, if you want a tree like a toge tree, the time taken from planting to picking is 4 days. Want a tree like a corn tree? It took 4 months. However, to get a large mango tree, you will need more than 4 years. Can’t be different. It is not logical to expect mango seeds to become fruit in 4 months. In essence, in order to get good investment results there must be a process that must be passed, the period of time spent. The greater the desire we achieve, the longer it takes. There are no good results obtained easily.

Now think about what goals you want to achieve. Want to get a bachelor’s degree, want to have a home? Want to have a car, want to take a walk around the world, want to run a 42 km marathon? Everything can be achieved. Nothing is impossible. But there is also no easy way like turning your palm. All is very possible as long as we know how to achieve it.

The way to achieve all these goals is the same way. Set goals. Start investing or making sacrifices. Set aside time for the learning process in order to achieve these goals with the fastest time and the easiest way. Do it for a period of time continuously. In the end you will reach the destination.

As well as achieving financial goals. Set the goal you want. Before investing money, invest time first in the learning process. So you know the investment objectives, know the risk profile you can receive, know the investment period, and know what instrument is the most appropriate to get you to that destination in the fastest way with the lowest cost. Never commit the main sin of investing, namely investing money before investing time in the learning process. Because that is the fastest way to a long-term financial disaster.
After that learning is complete, then you invest your money. Don’t delay investing. Do it now, because we need time to let the investment grow as desired. Like planting trees, the most appropriate time was actually 20 years ago. The next best time is now. Do it repeatedly, because the more trees are planted, the more results will be harvested later.