Safest Place to be During an Earthquake


Safest Place to be During an Earthquake.When the earthquake shakes the earth, and you are on the highest floor in a building, what to do? Take the elevator down, get down through the emergency stairs, or just stay in place?

There are some things you should do when the earthquake shakes the multi-storey building where you stand.

1. Take shelter under the table
Tables or other materials that are strong and can protect parts of the body can prevent you from ruining the earthquake during the earthquake.

If you can’t find something that can protect yourself, look for the door and stand next to it. If the door is not there, embrace and close to the inner wall. The inner doors and walls have a strong structure and are more earthquake resistant.

2. Avoid standing next to heavy objects
Never take shelter behind cabinets, boards, or anything heavy. These objects can fall and fall on you when the earthquake takes place.

3. Wait for the right time to exit
We recommend that you do not hurry to take a thousand steps and want to get out of the building because it will only endanger your life. Who knows, aftershocks will come and your life will be threatened when going out of the room.

You run the risk of being pinched, short of breath or even hit by an earthquake debris without any protection when going out of the room. Wait a few minutes for the earthquake to subside and you feel safe when you come down.

4. Protect the face
If you are in a building that has lots of glass, you should cover the face because glass fragments from the earthquake can jump into your face. Protect the face with a thick jacket or other object that can not be broken by glass fragments.

5. Avoid taking refuge in the kitchen
The kitchen is the most dangerous part of the room among all rooms. If you are a chef and you are in the kitchen, you should take shelter in a safer place.

You can be exposed to sharp objects in the kitchen, do not forget to turn off all the dapaur equipment that is still burning to prevent even worse things.

6. Don’t go down using the elevator
When the earthquake has subsided and you feel safe to get out of the room, you should still use the emergency stairs instead of taking the elevator. You never know what will happen next. When aftershocks come and you are stuck in a dead elevator, it can endanger your life.

After the quake stops, you should not immediately enter the room. Wait and see the surrounding conditions or warnings on the radio because maybe aftershocks are still coming