Recommended Foods Nutritionists To Get Pregnant Fast

If you want to get pregnant fast nutritionists recommend for consumption of foods that increase fertility. What are some foods to be consumed by women?

A new survey published by Public Health England revealed that pregnancy difficulty became the sixth largest reproductive trait for women.

Nutritionist Dr. Marilyn Glenville, author of ‘Getting Pregnant Faster’ says that what women eat has a big effect on fertility. Quoted in Dailymail (28/06) eating more whole grains, healthy fats and fish can help a woman get pregnant faster. Especially if he is not at all alcohol consumption and smoking.

Glenville also revealed that being overweight or underweight can also impede the chances of getting pregnant. Although you can not increase the number of eggs you have, but you can improve the quality. It only takes three months.

“By improving the quality of the egg, you can increase the chances of conceiving naturally and also prevent miscarriage,” he explained.

It takes a long time for the follicles in your ovaries to develop before they mature and finally release the eggs during ovulation.

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Research has also shown that changes in your diet and lifestyle and your partner greatly affect your fertility rate. Weight is also the decider.

Maintaining an average body fat percentage is very important for ovulation. If it is too low or too high, you will have trouble getting pregnant.

Dr. Glenville states, “The most fertile women when they are not too thin or too heavy.”

“They need at least 18 percent body fat to ovulate and the best chance of getting pregnant is when 20-15 percent of the body mass is fatty tissue.”

The menstrual cycle can be disrupted because too much fat can affect estrogen levels. Being 25 percent of the ideal weight can stop ovulation.

Eating too many processed foods containing trans fat can also inhibit fertility. “Trans fats have no nutritional value at all and are used by the food industry to provide the taste and stability of the product,” he said.

Trans fats can also harden cell membranes that may affect egg fertilization. Because the egg must be nice and soft to allow the sprema to penetrate into.

While good essential fats can make the reproductive system and very important for healthy hormone function. “Leave fast food and processed foods Choose salmon, mackerel, avocado, nuts and seeds that contain good fat,” Glenville advises.

While consuming healthy foods, nutritional supplements are also needed to improve fertility. The most important nutrients for fertility are zinc, selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids.