PlayStation 5 Using AMD Zen’s ‘Brain’?

photo : internet

Sony has not revealed any information about the next generation PlayStation. But rumors about the console is still circulating in cyberspace.

The latest report says the PlayStation 5 will use AMD CPUs that use Zen architecture, and be paired with the Navi GPU. Not only that, AMD is called developing the GPU with the Navi architecture is specific to the PS5.

this information is obtained from an unnamed source from the industry. This is the second time Sony is rumored to be using the duo CPU and GPU made by AMD.

Sony’s collaboration with AMD in developing the Navi is said to have been going on for quite some time, allegedly since King Koduri still serves as the boss of Radeon Technologies Group. Koduri itself since late 2017 and has resigned from AMD and joined to Intel.

In the same report also called AMD is not known to build a system on a chip (SoC) specifically for Sony that contains the Zen CPU, or Sony baka use other components on that part. Not yet known whether the GPU will be integrated or separate.

Naturally, this time could be considered too early to talk about the next console from Sony. Because the company from Japan that has not revealed any information that implies the console will be released in the near future.