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There have been too many leaks, photos and other speculations about the Toyota Supra 2018, but somehow we are not bored. We are very interested in this car even since the news of his birth again. Although Toyota has been showing off the Toyota GR Supra racing version yesterday, we are still curious about a more realistic version of mass production to take back to the garage. Since the triumph of Toyota at Le Mans 2018 after

Tight competition in the world of social media in hunting like, encouraging each user to compete to create content that many people love. Anindya’s Princess Photographer has a number of tips to capture various moments that could potentially bring in like in some medsos. One of the easiest is to ensure the cleanliness of the camera lens that will be used to take pictures. Though it sounds trivial, the lens has an important role in shooting. Stained

More intimate and romantic moments may be rarely done on Ordinary days. Take advantage of other special moments with sex sessions that can be more interesting. Here are tips on making love on special day, such as Sunday, holiday, birthday, or wedding anniversary. 1. Experiment with Sex Positions Sunday is time to experiment with positions that have never been tried. At special moments, you and your partner have plenty of time to enjoy the different sensations of

Creators of YouTube content or often called YouTuber now no longer have to rely on advertising to gain revenue. YouTube opens new monetization opportunities through paid membership methods to merchandise sales. According to Neal Mohan, Director of YouTube Products, this way of monetization is made so that content creators can be more at ease and continue to be creative on YouTube. He also said that this innovation is made to give users more options to earn money.

In addition to doing face care from the outside with a series of skincare, do not forget the treatment from the inside. Make sure every day consume enough water, avoid greasy and fatty foods, to routinely eat vegetables and fruits. In fact, these habits can make facial skin becomes bright and youthful. But now there are other ways that can make skin bright and youthful face, ie by eating a beauty drink or beauty drink. Some studies

Laptops become one of the devices attached to everyday life, because various activities can be done using a laptop. But because of that also, the laptop becomes easily dirty and dusty. It’s important to keep your laptop clean for convenient use. Routine maintenance also makes the laptop so more durable. Here are the steps to clean laptop correctly quoting from The New York Times 1. Prepare the cleanser Jolie Kerr janitor says there are four things to

Mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone to run their daily activities. Various interesting applications so the choice of mobile users in performing the routine. However, the application actually makes the phone full memory until the performance of the phone slows down. Too many applications running is one of the causes of the slowing performance of mobile phones, especially Android. If this continues to be left, most likely the phone will have a shorter age. Here

After being unveiled in China last May, according to the latest news coming from Hong Kong, Nokia X6 may soon be sliding for the international market. Precisely, Nokia X6 launch event allegedly will be held on 19 July. This device is also rumored to be renamed Nokia 6.1 Plus for a version that is marketed outside the Bamboo Curtain country. Although the name is different, the specification of Nokia 6.1 Plus is said to remain the same

In the last week Instagram released a new application called IGTV. This is a platform aimed at watching long-form vertical video formats that work on Android and iOS devices. If you are interested in creating content on IGTV. Here are exciting tips on creating exciting videos on IGTV: 1. Maximize the potential of cameras and mobile phones Before recording video, you can start by setting some settings that will help in obtaining a quality vertical video like:

Age turns out to determine how you choose the right time to make love. At least according to sex experts from Oxford University, Dr. Paul Kelley. Here’s Paul’s advice on the time of sex according to the body’s circadian rhythms (24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living things), according to your age: Age 20s According to Dr. Kelley, in her 20s, libido can show up at any time. The desire to make love can come in