No Fear Tips For Solo Traveling

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Solo traveling or doing a journey alone provides its own challenges. When choosing an adventure alone, things should be well prepared.

This is increasingly possible with all the ease of access to information and technology. Traveler who is also the author of the book “The Naked Traveler”, Trinity, provide tips for those who want to do solo traveling.

Instagram account owner, @trinitytraveler, which has more than 90ribu followers provide some tips for you who want to do solo traveling.

“Solo traveling is not for everyone really, because there are people who can not walk alone, because he needs somebody else Solo travel is actually there plus and minusnya, the minusnya at least one, no one photographed. just like traveling normally, “said Trinity

Instagram owner @trinitytraveler with this 90,000 followers, revealed, an adventurer must have an open soul.

“We must be open people, because we must meet people on the street, for example we live in a hostel, we meet with neighbors, or who live in the same room, or who live in the same house, we can get acquaintances with many people, should be open, want to talk is, open the conversation.The most important is that, “he continued.

Not only being open to new environments, the author of The Naked Traveler series also shares tips to do before traveling:

  • Budgeting before traveling
  • Research on the goals to be addressed
  • Research the accommodation to be used
  • Already specify where to stay
  • Bringing self-related necessities, such as vitamins, medicines.

“Enjoy it.Good or bad, so cool if we are afraid ya do not leave-if we continue to worry, we will not be able to go anywhere.