New Features YouTube Will Fuss “Reuploader”

Image : Youtube

YouTube creators can now breathe a sigh of relief. The reason Google is now paying more attention to copyright infringement by adding a system to detect whether your video was stolen / reuploaded by other users or not.

A system called Copyright Match is designed to find videos or belonging to users re-uploaded by another user or commonly called a reuploader. The way it works is simple, the YouTube algorithm will scan other videos to find out if there are videos that are similar to or even the same as yours.

When YouTube finds another user uploading a video similar to yours, the video will appear on the available “matches” tab. “We have been testing this tool with creators for about a year, to make it safe and effective for use across the community,” wrote Fabio Magagna, Product Manager of Copyright Match Toolb from the official YouTube blog

It continues, this tool is created to find fully uploaded videos. But if the stolen is only a fraction of the video you own, you can still report it through a special page to submit a copyright-related complaint.

After finding a match, the user can choose what action will be done next, whether it will be left alone or not. You may also contact the uploader of such content directly or request YouTube to remove the video.

Keep in mind, this scanner system will see the time when and who the user first uploaded the content. Users who upload content later will be indicated as thieves.

Before you take action, we hope you can see the results of this scan carefully, to determine whether it violates your copyright right or not.

Additionally, users will not be able to file removal requests for content that is not exclusively owned.

This feature was created by YouTube to narrow the space for content thieves using creator-owned content for personal gain. Previously, YouTube also has similar features.

A feature called Content ID is created to preserve the user’s copyright. However the Copyright Match is designed to detect videos in more detail.