Mobile Legend Cheat Application To See Enemies on Map

Photo : mobile legend

Mobile Legends one of the most popular MOBA games on smartphones. Many things make it popular such as variations of hero, many players and others

Want to cheat for playing Mobile Legends?

Actually there are some cheats in Mobile Legends games. The easiest, use the Mobile Legends cheat application to see the enemy in the mini map. How to do?

Step – 1
Download APK game “Mobile Legends mod by Kuroyama” latest version. You can download the latest version via the following link:

Step – 2
When you try to install it, a warning “File Can not Open” will appear. For that is not the application “File Manager” your smartphone default.

Step – 3
Go to “Internal Storage / Download” directory, then locate the “Mobile Legends mod by Kuroyama” file that Jaka gave. Perform the installation as usual.

Step – 4
Open the game you have installed, then play the Mobile Legends games as usual. Now in the game, you will always be able to see the enemy in the mini map. Done.

What do you think, this cheat is very helpful no? Good luck and share your opinion in the comments.