Marriage Questions For Couples

Marriage Questions For Couples. The similarity of interest, friendship, respect to each other is very important to maintain love. But are these three things effective to tolerate the habits or characters of couples who are not pleasing in your heart? For example, the habit of snoring during sleep, a hobby that is not in line with you and so forth.

It takes a strong foundation of equal interest, mutual respect, and a strong sense of friendship for marriage to last for a long time.

And to see if your relationship with a lover has been based on these three things, Shackleton gives a list of important questions a bridegroom must answer before deciding to get married. Here are the ten questions Marriage Questions For Couples

1. Can you support your partner’s dreams, wishes and dreams?

2. Can you maintain your relationship? Getting married means you will continue to be with your partner and it will last a long time. Can you imagine aging together and spending retirement with him?

3. Do you both like to watch TV with the same volume?

4. Does either of you not want to do household chores like washing dishes?

5. If your spouse has a lot of money, you would suggest spent on what a. car, b. holiday, c. favorite items even though they are not used?

6. Will he share any items with you?

7. How many friends can you think of in 30 seconds, then who do you want to have sex with?

8. Do you have one of these same hobbies?

9. If you have a different political path, will you defect and be on the same side as him?

10. What is the response if you sneeze or fart very loudly in front of it?