Line Got a Reply Feature

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Line finally has a ‘Reply’ feature. This function is quite long awaited, considering the other instant messaging services that became competitors have already had.

The ‘Reply’ feature allows users to quote and respond to messages in the conversation directly. Users can also reply to messages simultaneously with the original message.

To use it, users only need to suppress certain messages they want answered in the conversation. After that, they can choose the Reply option that appears on the screen.

In addition to the Reply option, there are also other options such as
In addition, this feature is not only available for text messages, but also for messages in the form of photos, videos, stickers, and emoji. In addition, users can take advantage of the features of their own messages in the same way.

“To use it, users are welcome to update the Line app to the latest version.An minimal version to be able to use this feature is iOS 8.7.0 and Android 8.10.0,” said Line through its official statement

Not only for smartphone devices, this feature is also available for Line on PCs and laptops, either Windows or Mac with a minimal version of 5.8.0. Not much different, users only need to right-click a specific message you want answered.