It’s New Punishment for Cheater Pokemon Go

Despite its declining popularity, there are still many who play Pokemon Go, as well as the number of cheaters.

To deal with the cheating gamer, Niantic – the maker of Pokemon Go – has a new penalty scheme, which is expected to make cheaters kapok. This is a different punishment than the former, in which the quality of the discovered monster will decrease.

The new punishment scheme will be divided into three parts. The first warning will be valid for 7 days, in which the cheaters caught will not be able to catch the rare Pokemon, and are also disqualified from the EX Raid Passes.

Then the second warning will last for 30 days, where the cheaters will not be able to access his account during the sentence. And if after two cheers cheats cheats, he will get a third punishment, where his account will be switched off forever by Niantic.

Even so, Niantic still provides an opportunity for gamers who feel they do not use cheats but get punished in order to appeal. Although Niantic actually feel confident with the accuracy of his anti-cheater system.

For information, things that include cheating on Pokemon Go are spoofing or tricking GPS positions on the phone, accessing Pokemon Go using third party apps, or using third party add-ons