It Benefits Seafood for Husbands Wife

Image : istock

Like eating seafood like fish, shrimp and squid? Studies call the impact can be felt up to the husband and wife bed.

Researcher Audrey Gaskins of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, United States, said hooked eating seafood can make sexual arousal increases and couples get more descendants.

To prove it, Audrey studied 500 couples for a year. They were

asked to record the consumption of edible seafood as well as the frequency of having sex.

The results of the study called a couple who both hungry to eat seafood 39 percent more often have sex. At the end of the year, 92 percent of couples who consume seafood more than 2 times a week managed to get pregnant.

On the other hand, the control group that seafood consumption is normal, only 72 percent who managed to get pregnant. Researchers mention there is a relationship between the success of pregnant with the frequency of having sex.

“We suspect, seafood affects sexual intercourse and the potential for pregnancy through sperm quality, ovulation frequency, and progesterone levels,” said Gaskins, who also has higher levels of omega-3.