iOS 12 Make Users Disappointed

Photo : GadgetHacks

Apple changed how to send photos on the Message feature on iOS 12 so that its users are furious. Why?

Currently, with iOS 11, the camera icon in the iMessage app can be found easily next to the App store icon and the iMessage column lets users take or select photos from Camera Roll.

Now on iOS 12, the camera icon only allows its users to take pictures. To send a picture via Camera Roll, they must open it from the App store icon first, then select the Photos icon to select a picture from Camera Roll.

This update is considered impractical. Some users who can already access this feature in the iOS 12 beta release their disappointment via Twitter.

The only thing that is most annoying on iOS 12 so far is this: how to add photos in iMessage to smaller separate buttons in the bottom row instead of the main camera button like iOS before.

Other users complain about the same problem. What’s not fixed on iOS 12 beta 3: pressing the camera icon that is on the iMessage feature, just open the camera without access to take photos already in the gallery. The most irritating change on iOS 12

The only reasonable possibility for updates on iOS 12 is to encourage Apple users to visit the App Store on the Message feature, where users can purchase and download other features for iMessage apps such as stickers, emoji, and special effects.

This is done by Apple because of the many users who use the image comes from Camera Roll. Therefore, it is felt right by Apple to lead users to the existing App Store on iMessage.

However, with the many expressions of disappointment against IOS 12, hopefully this iPhone can re-fix the shortcomings of the operating system, in order to facilitate the Apple users