Investments For Beginners

Investments For Beginners, To buy and sell shares in the American market is not difficult, it is very easy to do supported by a very complete trading software.

How to buy Stock shares? How do you invest in an American stock market?

To buy shares in the American market you can open a direct account on securities contained in the US stock exchange. You do not need to go through a third party in Indonesia or call in transactions, use online trading facility.

Generally, securities in America offer online services via the internet (online trading), where you need to download the software first. The software they own also very good, in terms of completeness of data provided and other facilities such as buy and sell with certain conditions (conditional buy and sell) without you need to monitor continuously.

Software facilities that they offer are far more complete and make transactions easier if we compare them to the software offered by Indonesian securities. so that it can provide flexibility and response to market movements faster. even automatically after we provide input conditions we want.

One example of securities for the American market:

  • interactive brokers
  • think or swim
  • optionsxpress
  • And others

Investments For Beginners
Stock traded on the American Stock Exchange is sold in units of lots containing 100 shares per lot. So for example you buy 1 lot of Alcoa (AA) shares which are currently traded with Share Price of around 11.97

Then the funds you need calculated are:

(USD 11.97 x 1 x 100) + broker fee = USD 1,197.- + broker fee

Some securities in America make fix fees per transaction, some give an average fee of around USD 1.- per transaction. So the fees for transacting on the American exchange directly are not high.

To maximize profit we should have a trading platform to know when we buy, how long we hold, and when we sell, where the american stock exchange is a very liquid and dynamic moving quickly.