Hypebeast shoes that are expensive do not make sense!

Hypebeast shoes that are expensive do not make sense!.
Yeezy is a series that releases a limited number of Adidas. No more than 300 thousand people can have these shoes. This Rp15 million shoe is even specially designed by a famous rapper, Kanye West.

For shoe sizes, US $ 1034 is not a little money. But you know if it turns out, there are still other shoes that cost more! Want to know anything? Come on, see five hypebeast shoes that are expensive and this makes no sense!

Hypebeast shoes that are expensive do not make sense!


The following shoe series was released by Nike. Mag is made specifically for people who miss cinema in the 1980s, Back to the Future II. There is someone who plays the story of the main character of the film, Marty McFly, finding films from the future that can tighten his shoe strap when making love. Thirty years later, technology like this only exists in films. Now, the technology inspired Nike to make the Mag series. From its shape, Mag is not much different from Marty’s shoes. The edges are slightly high and there are lights at the bottom, while light blue and white dominate the color appearance.

No more than 2000 pairs of Nike Mag sold on the market. Can you rotate how much does it cost? With limited freedom, of course prices continue to soar. In 2011, these shoes were auctioned around US $ 2,300 to US $ 9,959.


This series is still issued by Nike. Similar to the Mag series, Hyperadapt 1.0 depends on automatic rope fastening technology. What is different, this shoe has a more shoe-like design but still maintains the lights that are burning at the bottom. According to the official website of Nike, these shoes are only sold in several places and unfortunately Indonesia is not one of them. For the price? The price of this retail shoe is set at US $ 720


This shoe is a special series from Michael Jordan (MJ). Air Jordan SilverShoes looks very luxurious. The glossy gray color of this shoe makes it look like it’s working on the foot. This is the typical production of Jordan water shoes. The lips of the shoes are still the same, that is, at the height of the ankles. What makes this special shoe is limited. Only 10 pairs of shoes can be bought. Some of the shoes were even signed by MJ. While for the cost of spending US $ 2414


Adidas is indeed a well-known brand in the release of casual shoes. Pitch Black is a series that shows the advantages of the brand. From the appearance, this series design is similar to Yeezy of course.

Knitted yarn that is neat and seems still handmade. While the lips of his shoes are elegantly made like Yeezy. But the black color will look more charismatic when shaving these shoes. For its own price, Pitch Black sells for US $ 1034


This last shoe is quite complex. But Virgil Abloh x Air Jordan 1 is commonly called “The Ten”. Virgil Abloh himself and a designer who works for Kanye West. Together with singing rapper, he also projected streetwear.

Well “The Ten” is specifically designed by him. From its basic form, “Ten” is the same as the Air Jordan series shoes in general. But the addition, like a red strip that combines black and white, makes the appearance of “The Ten” quite special. This retail shoe price is actually quite cheap, which is only US $ 190. But because of limited theft, the price now reaches US $ 2414.

That’s five hypebeast shoes, which are really expensive. It turns out Yeezy is just one of them!