How to Track Lost Mobile Phone

Photo : Youtobe

How to detect the phone with an app?

Both Android-based smartphone or iOS, already has a feature to know the existence of the smartphone position. This feature is automatically turned on by default. What is important for Android, we always memorize Google account and password, as well as on iOS with its Apple ID.

The easiest way to test, eg on Android, by opening a chrome browser, and typing: find my phone. Then the first tab will show the position of our Android smartphone by entering Google account.

For the iPhone just go to and enter the Apple ID.

Some other smartphone brands have the same functionality, and often help for additional layer security other than through Google. Brand smartphones like Samsung and Xiaomi have the same search function.

To activate this function, we need a special account that we need to create, such as Samsung has a Samsung account and so is Xiaomi. For Samsung smartphones can be accessed via the web at:, and Xiaomi at

Both the Google account, iOS, Samsung, Xiaomi, in addition to the smartphone position, we can also control to lock the phone, write a message on the front page such as telling the smartphone was stolen, or can also remove the contents.

But all this can only be done if the smartphone is still alive and connected to the internet, and not deleted data.

So if the smartphone is lost, immediately do this step. If we are still not sure and want to use other applications, there are third-party applications that are also not lack of features, such as Cerberus, can shoot users when the SIM card is replaced, the application can not be erased, and so forth. This app can be downloaded in the Play Store.