How to Take Care of Leather Shoes to Durable

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Caring for leather shoes for durability needs attention and patience. You certainly do not want, leather shoes are purchased with expensive prices quickly damaged for improper treatment.

these six ways of treating leather shoes for durability.

1. Do not Put In The Box
Should put shoes in an open area like a shoe rack if you want your shoes durable. Because if stored in a crib, the air circulation is limited and the moisture tends to be high. Damp areas will make leather shoes easier to mold and peel.

2. Quickly Dry
When wet leather shoes are exposed to water, dry them immediately by wiping them with newspaper paper until completely dry. Never use a drying tool because it can destroy the shoe material.

3. Clean carefully
In order to keep shoes durable, clean premises carefully. Soak the washcloth into warm water then use to clean the dust on the shoe. Then dry in a way aerated, do not dried in the sun

4. Wear a shoe bolt
Try using a wooden shoebox to keep the shoes durable. The use of a wedge can not only absorb moisture from inside the shoe but also keep the shoe in shape.

5. Use Special Skin Material Conditioner
Usually leather shoes more easily lose moisture and flexibility. Therefore, for long-lasting shoes, it is advisable to use a special conditioner skin conditioner every two weeks.

6. Polish
When choosing a shoe polish product, it is best to look for one that can make the top of the shoe look shiny, without penetrating the inside of the shoe’s skin. By using polish, the top of the shoe can be protected so that the shoe looks shiny. Polish will help make your shoes last longer.