How To Social Media Content Much Like

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Tight competition in the world of social media in hunting like, encouraging each user to compete to create content that many people love.

Anindya’s Princess Photographer has a number of tips to capture various moments that could potentially bring in like in some medsos. One of the easiest is to ensure the cleanliness of the camera lens that will be used to take pictures.

Though it sounds trivial, the lens has an important role in shooting. Stained lenses can affect the resulting image to make it look blurry or blurry

Leading lines are lines in the image that guide the eye toward the focus of an image and gives the effect that the object is far impressed.

leading lines that can be found at a number of shooting points, such as shadows, sandlines on the beach, straight roads stretched, trees planted in tandem, until a regular pattern over the desert.

In addition, lighting is also the next important aspect to note. Light has an important role in producing good image quality. Excessive or dim lighting conditions can cause unwanted effects such as over exposure, blur, red eye, to noise.

For that, it is necessary to open the lens in accordance with the light conditions. Puan said Galaxy S9 and S9 + could be an option considering the two phones have dual aperture, f / 1.5 and f / 2.4, which can be used in dim lighting and bright.

Different viewing angles are also tips from Puan in maximizing shooting. Creativity becomes one of the keys in determining a unique perspective when shooting is done.

“Taking pictures does not always have to be from the eye view, but it should be tried further upwards, further down near the ground, more to the right, or more to the left.

framing also influences to guide the eye toward a particular object. This will make the viewer’s attention will focus on the most prominent object.

the frame used as an object placement can be a window, tree branch, until the photographer’s own hands, depending on the conditions most likely in shooting.

“We also have to want effort to explore the points that will be used as a place of shooting.In addition to understanding the terrain conditions, this can also make us more sensitive to the uniqueness that is around us

Finally, no less important is the determination of captions in uploads of works in medsos. An interesting caption, especially capable of narration, will support an image as well as an epic video.

“Practice makes perfect We have to practice too often to hone our potential, because the result will not betray the effort.