How To See WhatsApp Deleted

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One way to communicate today is by using the messaging application. Various ways of communication can be done in this application. Starting from communicating via text, or via voice record, can send photos / videos, or send document files to voice calls and video calls. And one of the most widely used apps is WhatsApp app

When using the WhatsApp app, sometimes sending messages is wrong. Especially misplaced text messages. And when that happens, the sender can feel anxious. Understanding the problem, WhatsApp also provides facilities that can delete messages that have been sent. That way the recipient of the message can no longer read the wrong message.

The trick is quite easy, by pressing a long time on a message that has been sent, then select the menu Delete For Everyone. That way the wrong message was not only lost in the application WhatsApp on the smartphone sender and the recipient of the message.

The deleted message will be replaced with the ‘This Message Was Deleted’ or the message has been deleted in the recipient’s WhatsApp application. But precisely this makes the recipient of the message curious, especially if the message has been deleted had not been read. The recipient of the message has been deleted by the sender of the message.

For you who are curious, there is a way to be able to see back messages that have been deleted, so that can be read by the recipient. That is by using the application WhatsRemoved. Simply download WhatsRemoved is available for free on the Google Play Store and install it on your Android smartphone.

Next open this app. If a notification message appears asking permission to access your smartphone. Simply press the OK or Yes button. After that let this application run in the background, alias does not appear on the smartphone screen but it is still working.

When a message is received in the WhatsApp app and deleted by the sender, the message is still stored in the WhatsRemoved app. To read the deleted messages, simply open the WhatsRemoved app that runs in the background, then select the Chat tab. Then select the name of the sender of the message, then will be seen the contents of the message before deleted by the sender.