How to Resolve Not Eligible for Monetization on Youtube

Overcome the problem when our video on Youtube can not be monitored when the video is our original.

Why is there a description of ‘Not eligible for monetization?’. it happens one of them if in the video there is music / background music, because the music there is copyright we can not carelessly use songs or music belonging to others to be used as a background in our video on Youtube.

To overcome this, Youtube provides a lot of music that can be used for our video, just choose to what genre in accordance with our keunginan, of course free and eligible for monetization.

Changing background music / audio using audio provided by Youtube can be done online, so we do not need to re-upload the video.
1. Login to Youtube.
2. Select Video Manager.
3. Select the video you want to edit.
Click on the Audio tab.
5. On the right of the video show list free music, select the appropriate to the desire (can dipreview first before apply).
6. then click Save as new video.