How To Research Keyword Using Your Own Tools

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Hello dollar panners, I hope your business is smooth. Here I will share a technique for keyword research independently by making tools and direct practice experiments.

Starting from I have a capital of about 4 millions that I can every 3 months and tempted by the SS and sharing the masters who are scattered in the blog and fb then I try to invest the funds I have to make a blog with a technique that I know. After a year of wrestling with blogs and optimization that as much as I am the result can only earning adsense coins 3000 – 5000 rupiah per day when the capital issued to 3 million per blog.

Understand the blog that I had 2 local blogs with traffic only 1000 UV / day, which I finally resold just mere turning capital. The blog’s oldest home design blog is bought by corporate property.

From experience, small local CPC value I started to ngelirik for blogs but it turns out his competition is too heavy. Blogs that I make and order the content so feels useless only bring traffic 5 – 10 visitors per day. Be aware of the importance of keyword research. It turns out that one of the target keywords can be wasted money, like having a zombie blog, live but lonely traffic.

Finally I realized that my mistake was on keyword selection. At first I try to order keyword research services but because it is still less satisfied because the result is the same aja, asalan every keyword that low competition but its search volume a little, so I try to use the tool itself. Some tools like keywordrevealed I’ve tried, and Ezkeywrd but the result is nil as well. Once I get the keyword that the result of his alltitle empty still difficult to be penetrated by my blog. Whereas already put backlink pbn also in already pretty much out a lot of money. the result is not there.

Then try to pake semrush and ahref, my conclusion backlink quality analysis in ahref more accurate than semrush just ahref stingy data, to download the results of research is very limited. After a long time ahref brain and try to direct the results of keywords that can be in ahref, the results also sometimes can be deceptive. Why? Because a web / blog can protect themselves from the addition of robot ahref so although it seems minimal backlinknya but actually the blog is rich in backlinks. if there is a blog with high Ahrefs Rank (value below 1 million for me already high) but the backlinks little or almost none.

then be wary .. Essentially, want to use ahrefs, keywordreveal, or any tool if you want to be valid must be checked in real to google page is it true web-web that perched on the first page reflects low kempetition. because a tool’s matrix can be manipulated by an SEO expert. example aja blog ane targeting keywords that difficulitynya ZERO according to ahrefs can not even penetrate in the first page but instead sticking in other keywords that score difficulitynya 4. This means that the score of ZERO according to ahrefs was clearly obviously wrong.

Apparently, low kempetition keyword has some characteristics that you can check yourself, among others (this is based on my master experience and my own experimental results):

    1. on the first page appeared social media web like google plus, fanpage fb, twitter, pinterest, youtube. The reason is simple, very rare people optimize social media. For youtube now has a lot of optimization for keywords2 which is profitabel and sell. the more types of social media indicate the easier it is. if only one wrote is usually still tolerable.
    2. Appears web 2.0 like, and other free web web on the first page. Logically to buy aja hosting is still free what else want backlink optimization. Unless some web 2.0 blogs may have good backlinks because of quality and unique content so that it becomes a reference for other sites.
    3. On the web that appears on the first page there is no exact keyword in the title. If the case like this, can be shot immediately by creating content with the exact keyword.
    4. There is no exact keyword in the url on the first page. if any keywords appear on the url, usually only a keyword or random arrangement.
    5. If you take data from ahrefs, a blog with ahrefs ranking more than 10 million.

Note the number of shares, like social media and vote. hundreds of votes, share and like the sign of popular sites. If according to his keyword backlink analysis tool is minimal but the majority of competitors page # 1 has a lot of social media signal, I just resign. except if you have a lot of social signal only 1 web, still brave.If the characteristics above only appear 1 or 2 cases just a sign of competition is still heavy. at least appear at least 4 characteristics above.

How I get the keyword does not use google planner and keywordtool, the way is to enter the social media web like facebook,, twitter, youtube,, into the site explorer ahref then in the filter for keywords that I seek and appear in in the ranking of 1 – 10 only. or it could be pake semrush only the value of difficulity analysis from semrush I usually ignore. mislakan we input into the site explorer ahrefs / semrush then we filter for the results of ranking 1 – 10 automatically we just target keyword2 that can be competed by facebook. then stay in the filter one-one only.

Another way is to find a new competitor’s web and minimal age backlinks under 2 years and then enter the web url into site explorer ahrefs / semrush then take all the keywordnya.

For the next stay selected one by one.
The most effective way to and make the pegel keyword selection is to include all keywords that can be in the blog wallpaper or blog auto content. just use a new domain and cheap hosting just like namecheap. use a plugin that can mengenerate content with many and according to the keywords that we input. There are many plugins that can be used, or use a plugin that can make a lot of content with spintax .. spintax can make your own or use tool indospinner or other premium tool.

I myself recommend using page generator pro from
wpzinc * com / plugins / page-generator-pro / can spin articles from spintax, embed image, youtube video, for this plugin can get the price cheaper than the original price in this link download plugin on bonus page member .

Other plugins can be tried such as post generator pro, gembloongwallpaper etc.

How to play input all keywords gradually, just 100-300 keywords per day wrote, until all keywords run out. leave the index naturally with ping service. If slow indexed can be many ways to quickly indexed, search aja way on google or in this forum, can use zombi backlink or make sitemap, or copy and paste all url links into google drive files. Many is the way that all post indexed as long as do not play rush.

After all indexed, peep results serp blog auto wallpaper before the site explorer ahrefs / semrush or associate with google webmaster. From keyword peep results you can take keyword2 into the top 20, thanks to post pages that enter the top 10 with many search results, a very-very low competition.

If no one entering 20 large pages input keyword suggest the results of keyword sitter into the blog was for a new post. modify and explore. good luck.