How To Overcome Android Slow In Just 5 Minutes

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Old Android smartphones will certainly experience slower performance reductions. Well to fix it, here’s how to overcome hp slow in just 5 minutes!
Can not be denied, Android became the most widely used mobile operating system around the world beat IOS. Just like any other technology, Android smartphone will gradually decline in performance.

But take it easy, you can easily fix it. Here’s how to get around HP Android slow in just 5 minutes!

Here are 5 Ways to Handle HP slow In Just 5 Minutes Easily
HP Android certainly will be filled with various applications that make their performance will be more slow from time to time. Especially if you rarely do maintenance alias maintenance.

Reporting from Tom’s Guide, here are 5 ways to overcome HP slowly in just 5 minutes! Of course with a simple and direct way you can do.

1. Cleans Cache
Actually what is cache? Simply cache is data stored temporarily on the smartphone’s internal storage system. The cache will record any activity used on an Android app.

What is Cache?
Every smartphone must have cache data in its internal memory. But do you know what is cache? And is it necessary to remove it? This is the answer

Well in fact the data are small but large amount of this is enough to make HP become slow loh.

Therefore you should clear the cache stored in Android smartphone in the following way.

Go to Settings menu in Android HP settings.
Select the Apps menu and select the app you want to clear the cache.
Select the Storage> Clear Cache menu.

2. Disable Animation
For some legacy Android devices, the animations displayed on the screen make smartphone performance slow down because it requires performing multiple processes.

Compared to you have to force the display animation, you better disable it to overcome the HP slowly becoming more. Here’s how easy.

Go to Settings menu in HP Android.
Enable Developer options by going to System menu> About phone> tap Build Number 7 times to activate.
Go back to Developer options> Drawing> Windows animation scale.
Choose Animation off and do the same steps on Transition animation scale and Animation duration scale.

3. Uninstall Bloatware
Not infrequently even Android smartphone you buy even already have a lot of bloatware aka pre-installed apps that may be less useful for you. Actually you can just remove bloatware application like this loh.

How To Uninstall Many Applications Bbatware Android Default at Once
Every Android must have bloatware that interrupt. Here’s an easy way to remove all non-essential Android system default apps.

Compared to make HP Android slow, you can disable or uninstall bloatware on Android in the following way.

Go to the Settings menu.
Select Apps> search for
Then stay tap Uninstall / Disabler to remove Android app.

4. Removing Widgets

Android smartphone also provides various widgets that will facilitate you in accessing an application. Widgets can be placed on the homescreen and you can access quickly.

But if you want Android smartphone performance faster, you can delete and disable some widgets that are not needed.

Select the widget you want to delete, then tap and hold.
Drag the widget towards Remove to remove it from the main display screen.

5. Optimize Google Chrome

Android operating system that is now developed by Google to make its users certainly use Google Chrome as a default browser application that is provided.

Well here is how to overcome the slow HP while using Google Chrome on Android which of course also will save your internet quota.

Go to the Google Chrome app.
Tap the three dots icon and select Settings menu.
On the Advanced tab select Data Saver.
Enable toogle Data Saver to On to save data.