How To Open Zip and Rar Files On All Android Smartphone Devices

photo: youtube

Rar or zip file is a file archive that serves to facilitate us in compressing files to the size of the file becomes quite small.

For example when we mendonwload a file with a size large enough uploader usually will wrap the file into the rar archive and make the file size is smaller.

To open a Zip or RAR file itself is fairly easy, but required an additional application. currently many applications are used for example like AndroZip File Manager

Well on this occasion I will give how to open zip or rar file on android device. so just take a look at the following reviews.

How to Open Zip and Rar Files:

First open the Google Play store
Then locate the app with the name “AndroZip File Manager”
Install the AndroZip File Manager application
If you have open the rar file you want to open
After that will appear navigation Extract files here, Extract to, View Archive, Send and Cancel
With this application you can manage files from Copy, delete or move files. you can also create Zip and RAR files on the application otherwise you can again read or create a protected RAR or Zip passwod file.