How To Make PREMIUM Articles For Blogs! Just Read and Practice!

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Making the article difficult, at the beginning … afterwards, once you know the niche, how to research information and updated news about the niche that you target, and have “used” to write long articles, make articles UNIQUE, QUALITY, and PREMIUM not a mere dream. Stay HARD WORK!

Afraid to be fooled when buying articles? Afraid to buy a cheap article from the auction results? Afraid to buy articles copy and paste?
Easy, The solution.
I am unpacking his tips and tricks here ..
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Live action!

So, make a quality article that takes some process.tidak arbitrary, and not instant … because that instant copy paste! But we do not want to talk about copy paste problem, small children can also if this technique!

What we want to discuss is how agan create quality articles, with facts and information that really valid.Apalagi in the article make hoax news.

Let me not be called as a copy and paste article writer, I take an example for a health article only yes. Okay !!! Because each niche sometimes have different step-step in finding information and news terupdatenya. But basically, step 1 and 2 that I have shared below just the same as other niche.

1. Keywords Research

Which blogger does not research keywords before making an article? Of course they are cuman for a mere hobby and event curhat-curhatan in blogs only. But if your blog wants to diuangkan, then get a visitor becomes a necessity. Hence, keyword research step is important.

But I myself never make keyword research complicated. After all, the important thing is supported with quality articles and a steady backlink can also rise loh.

For her own keyword research, I recommend using I take an example, I typed the word “how to cure” in the fields that have been provided, and the boom … the results of ideas for the creation of our articles have appeared!

You can use other keywords, for example:
Benefits of fruit
The food was bad for
The food was good to
etc. etc.
Find your own ideas … creative little …

2. Research ‘DEEP’ Keyword

Okay, let’s say you’ve chosen one of the keywords you want to create an article, such as “how to treat a toothache”. Well, the keyword research process did not stop there. There’s one more process called “Deep” keyword research – that’s how I call it.

How to do it the same as before, only for this time, you input the selected keywords into the search field.

Well, these keywords will become the main pillar of the topic you have chosen. This does sound troublesome, but our goal is to make PREMIUM articles, not the result of copy paste.