How To Make Hamburger Delicious Practical

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Humburger is a fast food western style that has begun to spread to various parts of the world. This food fits once serve as an alternative breakfast to fill the stomach and to charge your energy because of the demands of work that must be fast and fast time so do not have time for breakfast. Therefore present this hambyrger in your home by preparing the necessary ingredients before you will make it as inventory when you are mepet and chased time. To be able to present it you can follow the steps of presenting the way to make fast food hamburger delicious following.

Hamburger Recipe

Hamburger ingredients

    • 200 gr chopped beef
    • Oregano 3 gr
    • Garlic chopped 5 gr
    • Creole seasoning 10 gr
    • Chicken egg 1 grain
    • Flour bread as needed

Hamburger Auxiliary Materials

  • Beef eye egg 1 piece
  • Beef2 sheet
  • Sliced ​​lettuce leaves to taste
  • Sliced ​​tomatoes to taste
  • Sliced ​​onion to taste
  • The hamburger buns

How To Make Hamburger Delicious

Make the dough by mixing minced beef, garlic, creole and oregano into the dough container. Stir until well blended. Add also the bread if the dough is too soft and make sure the dough does not feel hard.
Next, shape the dough into a flat circle and bake over a flat skillet with little margarine added until perfectly done. Lift and set aside.

How to Serve a Delicious Hamburger

Take the bread rather large and thick, cut the middle but do not break.
Then put the beef, eggs, beef eyes, corn burger, tomato, onion, and lettuce in the middle of the bread and then clasp with the other piece of bread.
Hamburger ready to eat.
The contents on this hamburger buns do not have to be as in the recipe above. You can also add other ingredients such as potato pieces also add mayonaise and tomato sauce if you like. And you can also remove content that you do not really like.