How To Look High By Imitating Barbie Legs


New trends in Instagram re-emerge. Now netizens are competing to show off photos like Barbie dolls. They also call it ‘Barbie Feet’. What the hell is that?

As is known, Barbie dolls have long been a ‘role model’ and ‘body goals’ of some women. There are even some who are obsessed with having a body and face like a Barbie doll until desperate undergoing a modified operation.

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This trend is not so extreme. But practically enough to make people gawk up to shake their heads.

New Trends in Instagram, Pose Mimic Barbie Feet to Get Higher Photo: Instagram / @ chaneliman

Barbie Feet is stylish with a certain pose so you look to have feet and sexy legs like Barbie’s legs.

The Barbie Feet trends were first picked up by the Who Who Wear UK website, which writes that many people in Instagram are now photographed by mimicking Barbie’s legs, so that their legs look tiered in barefoot. Way by tiptoe and bend the knees slightly.

Models such as Kendall Jenner and Chanel Faith, there are two of them who follow this trend. Barbie dolls were created with a posture where their feet never stamped. Their legs are always designed as if on tiptoe or standing with fingers.

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New Trends in Instagram, Pose Mimic Barbie Feet to Get Higher Photo: Instagram / @ kourtneykardasian
“Pretend like you’re wearing invisible high heels, though there’s nothing besides air under the arch (the soles of the feet) .From the front you do not seem to do anything, but from the side you can see that you’re trying to stand up balanced, “writes Who What Wear.

Standing to look higher is actually not new. But the presence of Instagram makes almost every pose a trend and viral. Are you interested in the Barbie Feet trend for Instagram photos?