How To Know The Secret Of Making Love With The Birth Month

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There are many exciting ways to peek at one’s sex habits. One of them through the month of birth. Let’s reveal the sex secrets of the couple’s birth month, as revealed by astrologers, Suzie Kerr Wright, at Womans Day.


Those who take shelter under January usually tend to be persistent when interested in someone. For sex, you could say they are also kinky aka ‘naughty’ and like to experiment.


An adventurer was born this month, full of passion but you should be more trying to be able to connect emotionally with them.


Those born this month love to spend a lot of time in bed. Loves intense and emotionally connected sex. Hence they are willing to give everything to the satisfaction of the couple.


Making love with those born in April will feel hot, intense and very excited. Have a big appetite but unfortunately, easily bored.


Want comfortable sex, sensual and full of warmth. They want to make love on silk sheets in a beautiful room.


Do not hesitate to try different sex positions because of the great curiosity. Plus, they do not mind for dirty talk.


Give priority to deep emotional relationships. They should feel confident with the couple. Only then will they do anything to please and spoil their partner.


Have a big ego, so they do not like taking orders in bed because it hurts his ego. They can be very selfish and very generous.


Actually they are very passionate but tend to control emotions. It takes extra effort to make them feel loose to achieve great orgasms. Not easily seduced by sex, unless they have feelings towards the couple.


The romantic who does not want to be in a hurry to make the moments of sex more memorable. Maybe they are not very passionate, but they will give you romantic sex.


Want passionate sex. They do not hesitate to explore the couple’s wishes, and they also demand to be obeyed. No hesitation in experimenting.


Known creatively in bed. No wonder they love to play the role. Although sometimes it is difficult to build a deep emotion, but they will make sex feel good