How To Increase Visitor Up To 8K In Just 1 Month

imange :

The thing that needs to be underlined is I am here just share the general picture, so I hope all already understand the name of PBN and other SEO terms.

1. Keywords

This blog does not use keyword research is complicated, because I am looking for general keywords, arguably keywords that the competition medium-high, only 2-3 syllables, there is even a syllable. The point is I use reason, if I again need this info, I typed what ya on Google, what comes to my head, I make the keyword.

2. Onpage SEO

My SEO onpage is very standard, I do not think of the name density, let alone think of SEO Scorenya Yoast, I was originally just a blogger, so trying to write an article that for my own good to read.

Onpage I standard only, Title, H1, and Meta description according to keyword. For H2, etc. adjust needs, sometimes sometimes not. Bold, italic, underline (on keyword) I do not use. In addition, the image contains alt + title according to keywords.

In an article, essentially make the visitor comfortable, let bounce rate is not high. Because as we know, a high bounce rate can cause the rankings to slow down. In addition, I also use snipets rating (star), title and meta description to appeal to the click, high CTR can raise the rankings.

Another addition: load speed good website, essentially follow what is suggested google pagespeed insight, not have 100 value, 70-80 just enough, it’s important not red-red color.

3. Offpage SEO

For offpage affairs, use methods that will saturate for people who do not have passion in SEO. I use PBN, Backlink profile (forum, etc.), and backlink comment (low OBL).

The total PBN is about 25 with my own version specification, not the one that is spread around the forum. I bought through a godaddy auction, the domain price ranges from 500 thousand to 3 million.

For backlink scheme BL Comment & Profile -> PBN -> Moneysite. Sometimes I also direct BL Profile and BL Comment to moneysite directly, with BL notes have good quality and do not have tendency of OBL up in the future.

For PBN articles, I use original articles 300-500 words long. The articles I made related to moneysite, but not the same.

For example I mean not the same more or less like this: moneysite eg keywordnya how to treat cough, then in PBN I will make related articles, for example the benefits of lime (where one of the benefits of lime is to cure cough). In essence I treat PBN as good as possible like moneysite, even PBN many of the article page one and also bervisitor also.

Link building, I also do it one by one, in the sense of 1 article I make entry page 1 first, then I moved to the next article. I just make sure the article goes on page 1 first, as it will gradually rise to top 3 to top 1 due to high CTR (related to onpage earlier).


The final step is action! free if not action.

All of me, apologize if there are less, please feel like useful, in share to social media also be allowed.