How to Get Rid of Water Weight

It is no secret that excessive consumption of food will cause weight gain.

And conversely, fluid consumption will not make weight up because water does not contain calories.

But in some circumstances, water is also able to make the body seem to increase its mass and this is actually only temporary. Experts call it ‘water weight’.

Water weight is a condition of excess body fluids. People will recognize from the condition of the ankles, hands and other body parts that look slightly swollen. It seems to be annoying, but normal happens.

“(Water weight) is the excess fluid that is caught in the tissues, joints and cavities between cells,

Generally, water weight will make the body gain weight about 2-4,5 kilogram. He asserted that weight gain due to excess fluid is different from fat weight gain.

What are the causes of water weight?

1. Consumption of salt

Water weight arises not without cause. Mitzi Dulan from the team of nutritionists for the Kansas City Royals says weight gain because excess fluid can fluctuate along with sodium intake alias salt.

He said the body would hold the excess fluid to dissolve the salt content in high blood so that salt levels can stabilize when people eat salty foods.

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2. Carbohydrates

Consumption of foods containing carbohydrates such as bread and pasta causes water weight. Consumption of one gram of carbohydrate tends to fluid body fluids 3-4 grams.

“The intake of carbohydrates, like the athletes do, fills the muscles with glycogen, storing sugar, which allows to hold lots of water,”

3. Dehydration

Skipping water to result in dehydration can actually cause water weight.

“When you do not drink enough water, your body holds every drop of water to prevent further dehydration,”

Dehydration, including the effects of alcohol, makes the body ‘seek’ more water so that people feel bloated the next day.

4. Hormones

Women are called more susceptible to water weight. The cause is a hormone. Sharp explains hormones affect kidney function and how much fluid the body holds. Menstrual cycle changes can affect weight gain due to water weight. This is also the reason why women often feel bloated when menstruating