How to Extend Car Battery Life

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Car batteries or commonly referred to as a battery is an essential part. Starting from the car starters to the light system depends on its presence. Generally, the battery can last about 2 years, but you can also extend the life of the car battery in a few simple ways!

1. Do not Turn on AC & Radio

Simple, but the habit of turning on air conditioning (AC) and radio / tape car when the machine is still dead in the dead. Many consider, this is only natural because when the engine turns on the battery energy will be filled again. Apparently the assumption is wrong!

Using an electric-powered device when the engine dies will have an impact on the battery charge. Even the depletion of the battery energy can be faster if the habit is often done. So, from now on get used to the engine when using air conditioning, radio, and some other devices yes!

2. Keep Hygiene Car Battery

When washing the car, do not forget to clean or just wipe the battery. Trivial indeed, but if you regularly do this, the life of the car battery can be more durable. If this is not done, especially if dirt and stains on the battery terminals are allowed to accumulate, the battery life can be shorter.

If there is a crusty stain, you can do the cleaning by scratching it using a screwdriver. Before doing so, make sure that the battery cable is disconnected. Also make sure that the battery condition is safe and not loose when the machine is turned on.

3. Take the Car Away Way

In Indonesia is not uncommon anymore people who have more than one car. When that happens, there are some people who prefer to use one car alone, while others are left parked in the garage. Do not let this happen because the battery can be fast soak.

It’s good the car is routinely taken long-distance roads and rather speeding to extend battery life. Why? Because the alternator, the battery charging component, will maximize charging at a rather high RPM in the range of 2,000 RPM.

If taken the road only a short distance and slowly, then the battery will not be maximized. If you do not have time to do it, prepare a special charger tool for the battery to keep the condition filled and awake.

4. Serve Car Periodically

The condition of a bad car engine can actually drain the power from the battery more. So, if you do not want the battery and other components easily damaged, do the car service regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. In addition to checking the machine, the battery will not be missed to be checked so that the condition remains maintained so that his age is even longer.