How To Eliminate Ads On Android Smartphones

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The annoying ads on android phones are annoying, sometimes even carrying viruses. Many people are looking for ways to get rid of annoying ads on their Android phones.

Advertising is not something foreign to us anymore. While browsing on the internet, some websites serve ads to earn income for their owners.

Ads on android was still able to be removed by some way that is also already available on google market android. One of them eliminates the ad with the AdAway app. This application requests root access for those who want to use it, because then this new application can go into the android system you have.

This app called AdAway will modify the Android smartphone host file that will prevent the ad from appearing again. Whether in smartphone browsers, lockscreen, and other annoying pop-up ads.

First of all download the AdAway app and install as usual on Android. When first run, AdAway will request root access, click Grant button to grant access.

Then click the Download Files and Apply Ad Blocking menu so that AdAway can download the latest version of host file and then apply it to your smartphone.

If the process is complete, you will be prompted to restart the smartphone. After the restart is complete, automatically ads on your Android smartphone will disappear. Now your smartphone is safe from all sorts of ads that usually appear and interfere with your comfort.