How to do a healthy Masturbation?


If the question is how to do a healthy masturbation, ie in other words there are unhealthy masturbation activities. Maybe the term is not unhealthy, nothing abnormal as discussed earlier. As revealed at the beginning of this article, healthy masturbation activities, it’s just a lot of triggers that do not allow occasional viewing pornographic images.

Did you, according to, by doing a healthy masturbation you will get various benefits, especially in terms of health, such as reducing the pressure, reduce cervical cancer for women, and prostate cancer for men, and make sleep more soundly.

Quite a lot is not the advantage of a healthy masturbation? For that, you need to realize if a mastic addict is an unhealthy masturbation activity. Then do some of these ways to keep your healthy, as quoted from

Pay attention to your environment. Do not let the environment that triggers You do masturbation that is not fair. For that, every time you see a picture of pornography and want to do masturbation again where you are at that time. Do not Leave You Alone in the open or inappropriate place.

Train your imagination. Better to use imagination when you want masturbation, always by using the pornographic images. This can help you get rid of bad habits or addiction with these images. Furthermore, you need to train and know if when you will just find and feel happy at the sensation alone is not on the fantasy.

Whenever feeling tense or stressed, do to relax first to divert it during masturbation.

Do not limit your body to masturbation with time, but let it happen naturally.

Search every inch of your body and not just one part of the body. Maybe you never know if you have a sensitive nipple or an inside that really enjoys gentle screenings.

Deploy one’s location easily, once it becomes an addict. For that, if you include people who already know or even know with friends who have this disorder, continue to give. It feels not just for sexual disorders, but everyone who wants to live healthy and necessary. For that, you do not have to worry if the process of being healthy does not produce good results. One thing you need to know, if you do masturbation with healthy, then you will feel the sexual pleasure is much more amazing. Trust me!