How to Create a Pretty Macro Photo with Smartphone

Photo Macro

Almost all mobile phone cameras are wide fix lenses, not zoom, so if we do a digital zoom, then the image quality decreases, because basically we do cropping (cutting the image) so that the pixel and detail so little, give the impression the image “broke”.

My suggestion is to use lens converter for camera phone. These accessories are small in size and can be attached (clip) to the phone. There are several types of converters that are suitable for animal photographs, for example telephoto converter, which makes the lens seem to be in 2X zoom.

If the animal subject is small as an insect, the ideal is to use a macro-converter lens, which allows us to shoot from a very close distance so that the details of the small animal will be clearly visible.

The quality of the converter varies greatly, from its lesser-known brands to high-quality ones such as Zeiss Exo Lens. A good lens converter usually does not degrade the image quality, but it is rather large and the price is rather high, whereas the low quality is usually small and light, but the image quality like color, sharpness and contrast is reduced.

Before buying, do not forget make sure the converter lens is compatible with your brand and type of phone. Hopefully this info can help.